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Independent3 · League of Legends coach · EUNE · English


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About Independent3

Hello my name is Nikos , i am from Greece and i am currently rank Challenger in EUNE server my account's name is Independent3 and my main roles are support/mid although i have knowledge about the whole game and not only for my main roles.You can ask me about top/jungle/adc also,about counterpicks / meta picks / runes for every champion and matchups.I am playing also in EUW as i have a smurf there currently D1 elo aiming for challenger next season.I am here to teach you how to play for the win and how to be a better player overall,i can't help your mechanics unfortunately but i can make you have a pretty good mindset about the game and the rotations around the map you have to do in certain circumstances(calls/lane swap etc).Remember that riot made the game to be more dependent on good placements and rotations rather than good mechanics.You don't have to beat them in the lane or snowball really early when you can outsmart them in the process.I am a support main and i climbed that far because not only i made good plays but i had the right mindset so and i did the calls for my team!I was something like a leader in soloQ and that's what you have to do too in order to climb.Many of people are placed in gold/platinum/diamond and they think they are good,well EVERYONE can climb further than that by only having the right knowledge on the game!If you really want to learn more about the game which is the most important part feel free to choose me and you will not be dissapointed ill answer every single of your questions and ill be able to play some games with you too!

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