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Le Monsieur
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Le Monsieur · League of Legends coach · OCE · EnglishKorean


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About Le Monsieur

Hiya! I'm a Challenger support in the OCE server currently over 200 points and I've played League for over 5 years, 3 years in Diamond, this year being my 6th year.

I started as a Support main in Season 3 then transitioned into an ADC main for 3 years (Seasons 4~6) and now I'm back to being a Support main on Season 7.

I've played this game long enough to recognize tiny details which separate Challenger players from the rest hence my Written VOD Review is quite long.


What are you offering?

1.Written/Text VOD Review

  • I write at least 5-15 pages worth of notes per game depending on how long the game is and how many mistakes you make.
  • I am currently taking Psychology and am in my 3rd year of Uni so I can address problems relating to tilt and can offer advice in this department.

2. Voice communication

  •  Mostly done on Skype or Discord using Screen share and looking at your most troubled Vod and pointing out what you should've here and there, demonstrating in person.

In summary: If you're willing to read pages of notes and look back on your Vod, Written VOD Review would be better for you as you can always go back on the notes whereas the Voice Communication option is more for people who can absorb information immediately without forgetting as you won't have reference material after the lesson but it'll be faster in general as I will demonstrate exactly at which points you've made a mistake/done well


The champions I'm the best at are enchanters e.g Janna, Lulu, Nami, Soraka but I'm also knowledgeable on all supports and matchups in the bot lane.



Add me on discord: Mihuhi#0464 or League: Le Monsieur if you're interested (I only visit this site 1-2 times a day)

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