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Bíshop · League of Legends coach · NA · EnglishDanish


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About Bíshop

I offer the experience of a player that has grinded league of legends for 6 seasons steadily focusing on improving and climbing. I have spent 6 years trying to improving every skill pertaining to the botlane role. Such as farming, posistioning, rotations, matchups and matching playstyles of the support. My lessons would consists of reviewing and narrowing champion pool, focusing on matchups and pick and ban phase. I would then move into the actual gameplay reviewing some of their past matches and talking about the negative and postive actions they had in that game, but always providing them with a solution to their mistakes My main champs over the years has always been short ranged adcs such as kaisa, vayne, and lucian. These champs punish mistakes heavily but reward good play leading to my mechanics and reaction time improving as my rank does. Something that would be one of my main focuses are building skill around 1 champion and learning rotations. I feel like a basic understanding of macro and one or 2 champs would quickly improve the players skill. I have recently been coaching Tboné for free and he has improved from previously being bronze into a 66% wr climbing in silver. All in all I believe that my past experiences has led to me becoming a good player and would love to share my skills and knowledge with others.



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