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in your head · League of Legends coach · EUNE · EnglishSerbian


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Hello. My name is Filip. I am playing League of legends since season 3. It took me 1 good year to learn all about the game and reach diamond which was at that time big deal. Since then I've always played ranked and tried my best to climb. I played in diamond/masters and challenger games on both euw and eune servers. I used to main mid and played in a Serbian e-sports team for 1 season. But since meta shifted and tanks were popular on mid such as Galio and Sion I lost motivation to play that role. But over the years I played numerous mid lane champions on an extreme level such as Zed, Orianna, Viktor, Twisted Fate and others that were popular in current meta. So after that, I jumped on to adc role because I always had a passion for it. Some of my best adc champs were Vayne, Tristana, Twitch but since I was focused on climbing in solo queue, Draven was my best pick on bot lane. But since meta always change recently I started playing jungle ( Rengar mostly) and I had really good success. But over the years and seasons my secondary role was usually jungle so I had good preparation to succeed as jungler now.

To sum it up, I have a really big experience in this game. As a player on 3 different roles (also my support knowledge is decent), as a spectator ( watched LCS and worlds every season) and played in a competitive environment. Right now I am certain that my skill and game knowledge is more than enough for solo queue coaching.



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