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OG Thommore
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  top, jungle, mid, adc, support
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OG Thommore · League of Legends coach · NA · English


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About OG Thommore

Hi, I am a masters top laner main and i will provide skills,tips, and tricks to rank up to your desired ranks. In my lessons i can answer questions, watch replays, give feed back, jg routes, little advantages to snowball your role, etc.

My  main champions are ryze, vlad, malphite,daruis, shen.I am moslty known for my ryze plays http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/NA/thommore. I sometimes stream where my friends can learn from watching. http://www.twitch.tv/thommore

I also play with pros in solo que such as doublelift, imaqtpie, dyrus, and many more. I am friends with good amount of the pro league community and even friends with Phreak.

If you would like to get coached shooted me a msg and we can arrange a time for the both of us .

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Exfoliatedesnuts on April 02, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Just got done with 2 hours of lessons with Thommore, he was very educational and gave me pointers throughout the game the improve my play. I would recommend him to anyone trying to climb and fix any flaws that you have.

Cyonide4u on December 16, 2015 ·
· 5/5

Hour Lesson Went over warding, ganking and when to take risks. Really helpful and competent.

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