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34024532_DEL · League of Legends coach · NA · English


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Pre Note: To all those reading, currently I have a reduced coaching schedule since its the Holiday season! The times I have open (not 100% based off site) will be give to donators first, don't be discouraged Free slots are open (Wait times may be long). All lesson requests that do note state type of lesson and include what you want to cover during the lesson will be declined (Not trying to be mean, I just want to know what Im working with)

Dec 22-31 will be no lessons for Free users, sorry for the in convince. I kinda need a break from all the spam. Donator requests will be accepted and but at top priority like normal.
Some account and link info could be wrong, im currently in progress of switching names and setting up accounts etc
Hello I am Mrs Windrunner, I have been playing League of Legends since beta. Currently on this account I have reached Master Tier, on my others I have reached D1 on EUW, EUNE. As you can tell by my name, I’m an ADC main (I play every ADC + more). I can help you in all aspects of the game, even non ADC related questions from Jungle pressure to good times to Teleport when you’re playing Top lane. Just ask away or send a game invite! Since I play a lot of bot lane I have played a large amount of games as support. Yes I have played support in Solo Q games for Piglet, Gosu, Sneaky and much more! Any questions about support just ask away! We can go over past game replays (Prefer if they are on YouTube/Twitch and on current patch) as-well Picks/Bans, R/M, Warding, Lane Pressure, Lane Positioning … you name it I can cover it!!!
I do team coaching, I have coached Bronze – Master Tier teams. Given the fact that it’s coaching 5+ players’ as well preparing documents (Picks/Bans, Pros/Cons etc) I may not do it for free. (Keyword may not still a chance it could be free). Just hit me up and we can discuss possible agreements and time schedules.

My available times will change daily, since I can’t predict the future, so check daily to see if I have open spots!

Can' forget Im playing ranked on my smurf, so activity on my main accounts will be reduced also.
DONATIONS are greatly appreciated and help me continue helping others
- You can donate here:

Ps: This will be updated over time. (Updated: 1/1/2016)

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JUG4L KyriaKos on April 26, 2016 ·
· 5/5

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