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Pascal · League of Legends coach · EUW · DutchEnglish


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About Pascal

Stuff I will go over:

Attitude - I'll explain how to handle in which situations and how to stay cool when your team is behind.

Runes - With explanation and calculation. 

Itembuild and Buildpath - Optimalizing your chances to get ahead and stay ahead.

Vision - I'll show you where to put your wards around your lane and keep vision control for objectives/setting up.

Laning phase - I'll show you a few tips and tricks for early dominance/powerspikes.

Lane opponents - I'll talk you through lane opponents and how to behave around them.

Counterpicks - I'll explain what are the counterpicks and why, and how to avoid losing too hard to them.

Teamfighting - I'll explain what to do/who to focus in and around teamfights, and how to avoid getting caught out.

Objective control - I'll explain the importance of objectives for your role and how you can partake into setting up objectives.

Playing when behind/Having an AFK - An AFK is a huge setback, and so is being heavily behind, but if you co-operate well, there's always a way out of there, just stay positive.

Things you can expect from me:

Word Document - I will note what's being taught/things we should focus on in a Word document, you'll get the document after each session sent to wherever you want, or a download link can be provided. (Only counts for written summary purchased!)

Voice/Chat commentary when spectating games - Basically, I'll either spectate already recorded games, or spectate you live and make a summary of what's being done right/wrong, and where to improve on.

Friendliness - I personally believe you don't learn as much if you don't enjoy your time learning, so I will try to bring the lessons as fun and social as possible NOTE: I will not remove anyone from friend's list, so if more lessons want to be scheduled, we can arrange something in-game.

About me; I'm a dedicated Nidalee main with over 4300 Games played ever since I started playing, I've been listed in several toplists with Nidalee and strive to be one of the best in Europe, I've specialised in Mid/Adc and recently have gained a lot of knowledge junglewise. I'll be sure to make every lesson special and beneficial!

I would like for you to leave your name, ingame name, server, rank, and preferred roles/champs in a message, thank you in advance!
Please don't hesitate asking any questions through messages!

NOTE: Please send me a message before ordering a lesson so we can agree on a time.



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kyzfu1 on November 19, 2018 ·
· 1/5

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Chabaiii on September 02, 2017 ·
· 5/5

Really funny and helpful lesson! Pascal rewatched one of my games and gave me many useful tips and skill combos on Caitlyn and on the game in general. He explained everything very detailed and clearly and answered any questions i had, also the stupid ones. It was definitely worth the money and i would take a lesson again!

frede on June 20, 2017 ·
· 5/5

Very satisfied with the lesson! He taught me everything I wanted to know and more. Every time I had a question he answered it and gave me in-depth feedback on it. You could also tell he wanted to help and he didn't do it for the money, would really recommend this guy to everyone!

180IQ Legend on June 23, 2016 ·
· 5/5

My lesson was great! Pascal is very friendly and has huge knowledge on how to play Nidalee and gave me a large amount of support and resources in order to play her more effectively!

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