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  top, jungle, mid, adc, support
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Tobicoach · League of Legends coach · EUW · GermanEnglish


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About Tobicoach

Hey guys,
I'm a high diamond midlane main and headcoach of Magdeburg eSports e.V who is looking for people to coach. Im from Germany and can speak  English and Polish aswell.
I coach by using replay analysis, profile reviews and Skype share.

In atleast one hour session (in almost every session I go overtime) we do a game anlayze about one of your VoDs by using voice chat and replay sytems. Apart from watching replays we will have discussions about the game, climbing the ladder, customs 1 vs 1 to improve your mechanics and also 1 duoQ game after 2 coaching session.

My and your goal should be to improving your gameplay by focusing on your own mistakes. I care a lot about my clients and keep up the connactions to help you as best as I can.


My highest goal was Diamond 1 in EUW  as you can see here:

And Challenger at Russian Server in the end of Season 6

Although my most played Champion is Anivia, I'm familiar with every other champion to a certain point. I know almost every aspect and lane match up of League  because I play since season 2.

Message me with a friendly and relaxed attitude to start right away. I'm sure we come along and archive the goal you desire.

Im looking forward to meet you.

Reviews of Tobicoach

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Daveawb on April 28, 2018 ·
· 5/5

Tobi pointed out many flaws in the way I'm playing and suggested ways that I could improve on them, he's very knowledgeable and has a great coaching style. Lots of practice now to get me up to speed.

c3ddi on June 15, 2017 ·
· 5/5

Very good Lesson, Gave me very useful Tips. He Coached me one Month ago, Climbed from Gold 4 to Plat 5 :)

SaphiraMa on May 12, 2017 ·
· 5/5

Very good Lesson, individual helpful analysis

Jamesmeister on February 11, 2017 ·
· 5/5

I learned alot and he told me things which were really helpful , he has alot of game knowledge and i would highly recommend him!

RyanScott on December 10, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Great lesson, really descriptive and helps alot. Coach is very frriendly and easy to understand despite being from Germany. Helped my improve my jungle and then did a run down of my game right after. Got more time than I paid for, didn't rush me at all.
Thanks alot!

ZPR_Atlas on December 03, 2016 ·
· 5/5

The session started a bit later, but still got full time worth more. The live game which was reviewed was easy as every lane won, but despite that he pointed out many small nuances and errors which could be improved for harder games to come and things which I should keep in mind.
Overall, the experience was good and the coach is friendly.

INVINIM on November 21, 2016 ·
· 5/5

nice guy
good knowlege

barneyrubble on October 22, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Awesome coach, He has taught me alot about league of legends in such a short space of time and he also helped me climb 5 divisions with only 2 lessons. Would highly recommend.

Flý Boy on October 15, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Lesson was great help me understand my mistakes and help to point out my mistakes on microplays will use again

GoodGuySoul on October 14, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Hello to all who is looking for couch in League of Legends.
I am impressed .
It's how i can subscribe Tobicoach skill in training of League of Legends.
If you have any questions,You will get answer and not just answer but he's gonna make sure that you understand what he want to say. Helped me alot. Already booked my next training. Thx

MattPCGN on September 28, 2016 ·
· 5/5

I had 10 lessons with Tobi while researching about League of Legends coaching for I found him to be an excellent tutor; patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. He has a very deep understanding of the game, and can offer assistance and advice on any aspect you are interested in.
When I started coaching with him I knew nothing about LoL, and now I can play capably with a handful of champions. I have a much deeper understanding of the game thanks to his lessons.
If you're new to LoL or a long-time player looking to improve your skills, I can recommend Tobi. To read more about my coaching experiences with him, check out:

DrmedPepper on September 09, 2016 ·
· 5/5

I had an German lesson. Hes smart and have a huge knowledge about League of Legends, he was coaching me for the Mid lane and he is a very nice guy ! He wasnt Rage, Blame or anything about that!
It was my first lesson and definitely not my last one ! from my side, its the money worth !

RyanBurrisson on September 08, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Fantastic Coach - Great to work with, very loyal and helpful!

BetaDraven on June 24, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Very helpful. Regardless of your chosen position to learn, Tobicoach has a lot of game knowledge and is very good at explaining faults and where to improve. Highly recommended.

Lithing on May 16, 2016 ·
· 5/5

Awesome coach definitely recommend very indepth guide and help

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