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Sir Holmeus
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Sir Holmeus · League of Legends coach · EUW · DanishEnglish


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About Sir Holmeus

-I offer high quality coaching with huge game knowledge to a low prize
with knowledge in the botlane to every champion played there.
You will be coached in various methods depending on your own wishes for example:
1: Discussion in skype about your item builds, runes, masteries etc.
2: Custom games where we practice a surtain champion´s mechanics
3: Draft duoQ in the botlane where i pinpoint what to do in surtain situations
4: I review your game and tell you what you should have done better and what to do in your matchup
5: Discussion in skype about how to prepare for ranked, and mental tips coming into the game
Hi my name is Mikkel, i play league of legends under the name "Rixol Holmeus" where "Rixol" is the team
i play on and "Holm" is one of my lastnames. i have played league since the end of Season 3
and climbed my way from Bronze 2 to Diamond III (Currently Diamond IV) I speak fluent Danish and English
since i am half Danish and half Canadian (I live in Denmark) I main Marksman (ADC) but play Support to
the same level.

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