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BearJr · League of Legends coach · NA · English


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About BearJr

I am a Master Tier support and mid player and I am willing to 1 on 1 coach a player of any rank. This season I climbed from Platinum 3 to Master playing mostly support after some dedication to improving at League. I can spectate a player's games or duo with them on a smurf to coach them through a game and help them analyze the outcome of the game to better recuperate from losses as well as lengthen winstreaks to the best of their capability. With various methods of communication available, it will not be a problem to use comms if the player wishes to during a lesson. Depending on a players preference, it can be a live lesson where I would be actively coaching them through a game/replay, or it can be a lesson plan that I give them after spectating a number of games of theirs and writing down notes for areas of potential improvement as well as things they do well. Along with the notes would be a plan to help guide the player with whatever additional knowledge I can add to help them win their next games. This "lesson plan" would be written down by me into a word document and emailed to the player and the price would be set by the number of hours the player wants me to spectate as well as an additional hour to type up a lesson plan. My main champion is Blitzcrank, I also specialize in Bard, Morgana, Thresh, Yasuo, Ahri, and many more.  


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