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League of Legends Skill

Shen League of Legends champion


Top lane is more than just an island. By learning the most effective top lane tanks and fighters in the meta, a coach will demonstrate to you how to create global pressure around the map. Teaching of proper wave control and usage of summoner spells such as teleport will turn you into an experienced and comfortable top laner that is essential to the team.

Azir League of Legends champion


Every mid laner is the superstar of the show, and with proper coaching you can become the superstar of your team! Understand the dominating powerpicks of mid lane with a coach that will break down how to push your advantage in the mid lane to impact the rest of the map, and solo carry your team to victory.

Warwick League of Legends champion


Become the watchguard of the map by being taught the proper methods to jungle. Jungle being a lot more complex of a role than one may think, coaches will demonstrate how to play an impactful jungler properly by teaching you jungle routes and signs for what lanes to gank and when. A perfect balance of knowing when to farm and when to gank will turn you from an average to a superstar jungler.

Ashe League of Legends champion


The role of ADC has a lot more than just mechanics. Many people fail to realize that experienced ADC's have a very specific mindset, and high ranking ADC coaches can bring you into the mind of some of the bset ADC's in the world, teaching how to improve your positioning in teamfights and how to maximize your damage-per-second in games.

Janna League of Legends champion


Behind every great team is a great support player. Coaches can teach you how to become an amazing support that not only protects their carries, but teaches how to take advantage of the momentum of the game, maximize vision control, and even how to roam efficiently to cause as much impact around the map as possible! No more just being a heal and ward bot, but instead learn how to hardcarry your game from behind the scenes!

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