Dear Users, we are sorry to announce that the website is closed. Please don't order or sell lessons anymore. We decline every responsibility regarding purchasing, selling or refunding lessons. Thank you for your understanding.

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Choose a coach, then click on the book button. You will be then able to choose the amount of lessons you want to get and the amount of written summaries provided with your lessons. Use a coupon if you have it and click on buy now using PayPal. After confirming your order on PayPal you will be redirected to your dashboard where you will have a full-control of what is happening with your lessons. That is to say booking an hour in the calendar of your coach, chatting with your coach, access to your written summaries and a link to let a review on your coach profile page.

This is the history of your ordered lessons. You can here get all info regarding your lesson:

  • the id of the lesson
  • the game of the lesson
  • the coach of the lesson
  • the date of payment of the lesson
  • the booked date of the lesson or the possiblity to book a date for the lesson in the calendar of your coach
  • the lesson status (complete or not taught)
  • the validation code of the lesson
  • the access to your written summary
  • a livechat button with your coach
  • a link to the profile of your coach in order to let a review
Student dashboard  
The day of your lesson, provide your Validation Code to your coach after your introductions have been made. Please note that your Validation Code is the coach’s payment and should only be sent to them when both parties agree to starting the lesson after the code has been given to the coach. Once the coach enters the Validation Code, they will then start the lesson.
Validation Code  
If your coach provides written summaries, you will be able to order them additionaly to your lessons. After your lesson has been administered to you, your coach will let you a written summary that you will be able to find on your dashboard next to your lesson. This is a real add-on, as it will help you to remind what has been taught.
Once you have ordered at least one lesson, you will then be able to go on the profile page of your coach and in the calendar section you will be able to book an hour in the avaibilities of your coach. You can let a public note if you would like. If you prefer to give instructions in private use the livechat with your coach.

We recommend to wait maximum 5 days for your coach to answer you. If this delay has been passed, we recommend you to ask a refund to the support (on the livechat, or on our contact page). If you did not give your Validation Code to your coach we will proceed to your refund directly.

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